Mark your calendar for “Bangkok Illustration Fair 2022” where illustrators and art lovers meet
by HappBKK
1 ก.ย. 2565, 12:22

After receiving good response last year, International event “Bangkok Illustration Fair 2022” (BKKIF) that gathers artists, illustrators, creators and illustration lovers is returning to Thailand once again. The annual event will be held in both on-ground and on-line formats under the organizing team including happening (media) Decembell (curator)  and WHAT IT (organizer). The BKKIF will be full of activities – artwork exhibition, artworks for sales, workshop, seminar and activities related to illustration as followed:

  •  Artist Showcase – the space that showcases international artworks by 168 artists including those from Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia and the Philippines. Guest artists from Thailand include Tai KaiHuaRor, Munins, Songsin, Sunday Kids and P7.
  •  Panel Discussion – talks and discussions that provides some ideas and perspectives on taking illustration as a career.
  • Exclusive Matching – arranged meetings for sponsors and artists so that each side could find the right match.
  • Review Day –  a get-together of artists, curators, artists, agencies and related organizations as they will join a jury panel to be a “reviewer” to select and give awards and opportunities to more than 50 artists.

BKKIF 2022 will be held from 8-11 September 2022 from 10am to 8pm at the Bangkok Art Cultural Center (BACC)’s main exhibition hall on the 9th floor, 1th floor and 3rd floors. A one day pass ticket is sold for 100 baht and an event pass (good for all days -unlimited) is 200 baht each which comes with a BKKIF postcard set designed by Key Visual (Kanith).

Tickets are available at https://www.eventpop.me/  One can follow the event and find more information  at  https://www.bangkokillustrationfair.com or Facebook: 





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