Reasons not to miss the ultimate art auction “Let’s Crossover”
by HappBKK
7 ก.ค. 2565, 11:42

130 artworks created by leading Thai artists are going under the hammer in “Let’s Crossover”, an ultimate art auction by The Art Auction Center (TAAC). The works will be on display at the River City Bangkok from 6-16 July 2022 so whether you are a potential bidder or just want to marvel at these creations, do take time out to appreciate the art

Six themes addressed in the more than 130 pieces

Outstanding works by both respected masters and emerging artists, many of them recognized internationally, show the perspectives of the artists on various facets of society. The expressions reflects inner emotions as well as hidden myths. They address various issues that can be loosely divided into:

Scenery – Artist's impressions of touching, feeling, admiring and appreciating the beauty of nature and the environment.

Site of Beliefs - A concrete transmission of belief and the power of faith.

Surrealism - Works of art that represent and implicate various aspects of breaking away from reality. These works transcend the rules, blending reality, imagination and imagination together.

Nature in Abstraction: Understanding nature, reducing and decomposing forms, merging elements and connecting what the eye sees with feelings in the mind.

Social Criticism: Ideology, courage, war, violence, and death, a mirror reflecting the artist's thoughts on various circumstances.

Highlights of the artworks in the auction

Jit Mung Su Karn Lud Pon (Spirit to the Nirvana) (Chalermchai Kositpipat)

“The acrylic painting on canvas by master Chalermchai is the most valuable artwork up for auction. Bidding will start at 4.9 million baht while its real value is estimated at around 6-7 million baht. This kind of work by master Chalermchai has not been on auction for a decade. This is a piece that is full of the details and patterns that have become known as the artist’s signature.”

Silpa Bhirasi (Sakwut Wisetmanee)

“Arjan Sakwut draws young Arjan Silpa (Corrado Feroci) in Florence, Italy so the drawing doesn’t reflect his profession of teacher with which we are most familiar but instead shows him with flowing hair and gleaming glasses. This large portrait was created for a poster marking Silpa Bhirasri Day for Silpakorn University in 2019. The successful bidder will receive the original poster with the artist’s signature along with NFT images.”

Pang Rum (Chakrabhand Posayakrit)

“One of the most famous and rare pieces in the auction. Chakrabhand hasn't painted a new picture for many years and most of his works are not for sale as they are being amassed for eventual display in the museum now under construction. “Pang Rum” is the title of this watercolour showing a woman in Thai dress, and while small is size, is very special. The master paints watercolors without sketching first. There are very few people in Thailand who can do this.”

Emerald Lake (Pratuang Emcharoen)

“This is an abstract in oil on canvas by Ajarn Pratuang, who is a highly successful artist both domestically and internationally. His works normally fetch very high prices. Christie's recently auctioned one large painting for 20 million baht. The starting price for this painting is less than a million so is expected to attract a lot of interest including from overseas.”

Gongkan's Appear

Appear (Gongkan)

Where No Once Stands Alone. (Suntur)

Forbidden Suit (Line Censor)

People Always Leave. Don't Get Too Attached. (Molly)

There is usually a year’s wait for works by emerging and new generation artists, but here the lucky bidders can take their creations home without waiting. Every piece is special and unique. For example, Line Censor’s work is very large in size while those by Gongkan are early works when he began working on Teleport collection.  Suntur’s work up for auction features many details though he is usually known for his minimalist style.

Special!!  See the works of “art heroes” Bright, Tay and Earth from GMM -  who are auctioning their creations to raise money for charity.

“Let's Crossover” is one of the biggest art auctions of the year. Whether you are a collector or an art lover, this is not to be missed.

Visit the exhibition and register to participate in the bidding between 6-16 July 2022 from 11am to 7pm (on July 16, open until 12.30pm) at the RCB Galleria 1 and RCB Photographers' Gallery 1 on the 2nd Floor, River City Bangkok

The auction will be held on Saturday July 16, 2022 at 2pm in the RCB Auction Room, 4th Floor, River City Bangkok.

For more information, call. 02 233 7939 and 065 097 9909.

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