Capturing Bangkok's Essence: 'Bangkok Reflection' Photo Exhibition by Somchat Apaisuwan
27 ม.ค. 2567, 14:37

"Viewing Bangkok from different perspectives through the lens of Somchat Apaisuwan in the exhibition 'Bangkok Reflection

The photo exhibition by 'Somchat Apaisuwan,' a former advertising photographer who transformed himself into an independent photographer to work in the field of street and documentary photography that he excels in. Somchat captures images of Bangkok from various perspectives, including Charoenkrung, Talad Noi, Siam, Yaowarat, and Pak Khlong Talat. Since 2020, he has been using his unique photography techniques without post-processing through computer programs. His photographs serve as a form of conversation and reflection, allowing viewers to see their own perspectives through images of the ever-awake city of Bangkok. This exhibition is part of the Bangkok Design Week 2024.

Somchat shares, "Often, I like to observe things through the reflections of glass, windows, or other materials, combined with opposite perspectives. This allows me to see both sides or different aspects simultaneously in a single image. This series is like an experiment where I use plastic sheets that reflect like glass, bringing them together in the same frame to create various components of the image without using image editing techniques. I find it enjoyable to see the images as they truly are while taking the photographs."

"I feel fun and joy in creating this series. Every image you see in this exhibition comes from the enjoyment and the desire to explore this style that I call 'Reflection.' It's about wanting to see how the perspective will differ, along with using the ProPhoto RGB color profile for color management in fine art printing. I hope viewers will perceive some connection between their inner selves through the reflected images of Bangkok in this exhibition."

"Reflecting the City" is held at the Charoenkrung 43 Art & Cultural Center.
Admission is free. 





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