FLYNOW vs Rajadamnern: Thai haute couture jumps into Muay Thai ring
by HappBKK
11 ม.ค. 2567, 20:24

FLYNOW presents the "Solar Eclipse" fashion concept. Also known as "Sun Embraced by the Moon," the collection won loud applause at BIFW 2023. 

And now it is earning another big round of applause by collaborating with the legendary Rajadamnern MuayThai Stadium and RWS (Rajadamnern World Series), a new format competition elevating Thai boxing (MuayThai) to international standards and making it accessible to people of all ages and genders worldwide. This collaboration signifies the legendary status of the fighting spirit of both Thailand's boxing and fashion industries for more than a century.

After two talk-of-the-town fashion street shows, from the landmarks of Chiang Mai to the flower market at Pak Klong Talat, FLYNOW has joined forces with the legendary Rajadamnern Stadium and RWS, opening a new chapter in the industry by bringing fashion to the stage of Thailand's iconic boxing arena, whose history spans 78 years. This boxing stage, a lifelong dream for fighters from every corner of the world, has been a platform for aspiring athletes to step into the legendary boxing ring. It is also the birthplace of such legendary Thai boxers as Pone Kengphet, Chatchai Chiew-noi, Khaosai Galaxy, Rattanapon S. Worapin, and Chana P. Paoin. The stadium itself is outstanding for its architectural artistry, designed in the Art Deco style, and it symbolizes the Legend of Fighters—legends who continue to breathe even after enduring numerous fierce battles. 

This project carries on from our last venture, when we delved into Thai culture. Thinking about the globally acclaimed Thai boxing, in collaboration with RWS, we wanted to showcase two distinct Thai cultures from two different industries to captivate people worldwide. We've taken the latest runway fashion and paired it with street fashion to make it enjoyable and intriguing. Through our clothing, we present six different looks that we've mixed and matched to stand out in each corner of the boxing ring. We emphasize the contrast between haute couture and the arena, symbolizing the robust combat on the boxing stage and the beauty of the fashion industry.”

With the design expertise of Khun Lim, Somchai Songwatana, the designer and founder of the FLYNOW brand, a new-generation designer, Lalita Naresranont, has pushed the boundaries of FLYNOW's fashion to convey a sense of courage and a new challenge that will redefine the brand. The six fashion sets presented by FLYNOW on the legendary Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium stage are more dynamic and provocative than ever. The haute couture outfits, with meticulous details and tailoring, appear on the runway, worn by the new and powerful face of the LGBTQ+ community.

"I am happy and proud to have showcased this fashion set for FLYNOW. It's been an exhilarating experience because I've been a fan of the brand's haute couture since I was a child. And now, to have the opportunity to showcase it on the legendary Thai boxing stage and capture the spirit of fashion alongside professional boxers amid the lights, colors, and cheers of the spectators around the ring, was truly intense. I wore the silver outfit, proudly representing the Thai flag beside the ring. It was an exciting and heart-pounding moment.

“Every time I wear FLYNOW, I feel like I am dressed in the haute couture of the world’s fashion brand. These are clothes that bring pride to all Thais. FLYNOW is more than ready-to-wear clothes; when we wear them, we have confidence in our figure and look elegant. I found boxing and fashion share the element of the arts, although many people feel they are at different ends. Art is the universal language that everyone can access without words.”Jam-ma Pirda, a student and LGBTQ+ model for the fashion industry who has personally experienced Thai boxing training, expresses pride in being part of all six looks from FLYNOW. The brand selected her to present this special fashion set, created by the talented photographer Samatcha Apaisuwan, who skillfully brought out Jam-ma's charisma and elegance. The aim was to blend street fashion with the atmosphere of the Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium, creating a feel reminiscent of old-style news photos from boxing arenas.

Flynow fashion brand"With the setting and clothing from FLYNOW, I want the fashion captured by the camera to have a vintage touch, employing a working method akin to that of shots from boxing rings in the old days. This is to evoke a feeling reminiscent of news photos from the boxing stages of yesteryear, blending the rawness of street fashion. I aim to bring out the strong and defined character in the harsh light, attempting to draw out the fighter spirit of two legends from the realms of boxing and fashion. It is a portrayal of the indomitable hearts of Thai designers and Thai boxers on a stage of prestige and honor. This fashion set communicates the toughness of the spirit, as no matter how many times they fall, they are ready to rise and fight again, as does Jam-ma, who can charmingly channel the energy of a fighter."

By infusing a sense of harsh light and clear-cut characters, the fashion set attempts to bring out the fighting spirit of two legends from the boxing and fashion worlds, conveying the indomitable hearts of Thai designers and Thai boxing on a stage of honor.

FLYNOW has also broken the conventional practice of depending on seasons to launch a new fashion collection. This allows customers to frequent both physical and online stores more often, which has resulted in growing sales. FLYNOW launched its flagship store in Gaysorn Village in August, featuring a unique store design never before seen at FLYNOW. The store offers a range of ready-to-wear and tailor-made clothing, with a dedicated fitting room for personalized customer service. 


PHOTO by Samatcha Apaisuwan



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