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24 ม.ค. 2566, 17:25

Creating perfect combination of scotch whisky and art by world-class master blender and fashion’s brightest young talent

Johnnie Walker, the world’s number one Scotch Whisky, today announces a vibrantly illustrated new Johnnie Walker Blue Label Lunar New Year limited edition design created by rising star of the fashion industry, Shanghai-based designer Angel Chen. This premium and rarest blended Scotch Whisky has been handpicked by a team of expert blenders who select maturing Scotch whiskies that only exist in one in 10,000 casks from across the four corners of Scotland to intricately craft Johnnie Walker Blue Label, bringing out a velvety smooth yet vibrant taste.

Angel brings to her designs are a visual interpretation of the incredible blending expertise that Emma Walker and her team use to create those perfectly balanced layers of flavour in Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The stunningly vivid design for the ‘Year of the Rabbit’ features a dynamic, modern interpretation of the Chinese zodiac animal for 2023 – the sprightly rabbit. Symbolising mercy, elegance and beauty, the rabbit signifies longevity in traditional Asian culture, and as an echo of the Johnnie Walker motto, Keep Walking, prancing rabbits are captured bounding amongst mountainous peaks.

Designer Angel Chen, who studied fashion in the prestigious Central Saint Martin College of Art (London), said: “There’s a defiant energy to my illustrations, which brings to life the vibrant spirit of the rabbit as it leaps across the design, symbolising how we need to keep moving forward, spreading goodness throughout the year to come.”

Angel sought inspiration for her designs from the craft that Johnnie Walker Master Blender Emma Walker and her team bring to Johnnie Walker Blue Label – a whisky made using some of the rarest whiskies from the unparalleled Johnnie Walker reserves of maturing Scotch, including some irreplaceable casks sourced from long-closed ‘ghost’ distilleries.“My work is often inspired by different generations, different genders and cultures coming together to create something fresh and new. This ideal echoes the craft of Johnnie Walker, taking different types of whisky from different distilleries, with differing ages of maturation, and blending them together perfectly to create a masterpiece – that is something I can relate to.”

Jarinee Wongkamthong, Marketing Director, Diageo Moët Hennessey (Thailand) or DMHT, said: “Lunar New Year is a significant festival celebrated by Thais for the belief of bringing year-round auspiciousness. We would like to participate in this special festival by creating an excellent specialty through Johnnie Walker Lunar New Year limited edition for Thais to celebrate a plentiful and prosperous culture though the exclusivity of our collection.”

Angel Chen has also designed incredible illustrations for the Lunar New Year John Walker & Sons King George V limited edition designs. All Johnnie Walker Lunar New Year limited edition designs are available at leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide.

Experience all of the Johnnie Walker Lunar New Year limited edition designs at leading department stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more information, please visit: www.johnniewalker.com.




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