Embark on a culinary journey through Phetchaburi, a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy
by Neena M.L.
10 เม.ย. 2567, 17:35

Phetchaburi, one of Thailand's secondary cities, is packed with history and beautiful architecture, waiting to be discovered. Home to many basic household ingredients, the province is recognized by UNESCO for its creative and diverse gastronomic heritage.

Known as the "City of Three Tastes," Phetchaburi produces the main ingredients that form the base flavours of Thai cuisine: salty from Phetchaburi's salt, sweetness from Phetchaburi's palm sugar, and sourness from Phetchaburi's limes. These flavours strongly influence a wonderful combination and unique balance that characterise Phetchaburi's local cuisine and fine dining creations.

When local meets international

Phetchaburi embraces a farm-to-fork ethos, with local farmers directly supplying fresh produce such as toddy palm, vegetables, and seafood to various establishments and households across the province. This practice showcases the rich culinary heritage and flavours of Phetchaburi, which are crafted into a six-course fine dining adventure under Executive Chef Seng ‘Thananan Kritprayool’ and his culinary team. The experience is enhanced with wines from renowned UNESCO gastronomy sites.

Hua Hin food

• Rice Noodles, Fried Fish Cake with Crab Meat ‘ Tod Mun Pla Nue Poo’ (Blue Crab from Laem Pak Bia, Ban Laem District in Phetchaburi)

Arrigoni “Le Madie” Prosecco DOCG. Grapes: Glera. Alc.: 11%. Indulge in our special Valdobbiadene Prosecco: pale straw yellow, with subtle hints of green apple and acacia flowers. Its dry taste pairs perfectly with aperitifs, risotto, white meat, and fresh cheese."

• Toddy Palm Salad with Thai Herbs and Grilled Tiger Prawn, known as ‘Yum Hua Nohd’ a local signature dish of Phetchaburi (Phetchaburi’s signature toddy palm from Ban Tham Rong, Ban Lat District)

Arrigoni “La Cascina Dei Peri” Vermentino Superiore Colli di Luni DOC. Grapes: Vermentino 100% . Alc.: 13.5%. Discover our wine from the soft green hills of Castelnuovo Magra, Liguria. Fresh, fragrant, and bursting with ripe fruit flavors, complemented by full, juicy acidity. Perfect with grilled fish, shellfish, and roasted white meat.

• Coconut Soup with Chicken and Thai Herbs, also known as ‘Tom Sri Nuan,’ offers flavors similar to Tom Kha Kai, but with the addition of banana blossom and using Petchaburi’s salt flowers for seasoning (Salt Flowers from Bang Khun Sai,  Ban Laem District in Phetchaburi)

Arrigoni “In Rosa” Rosato Toscana, IGT. Grapes: Canaiolo (70%), Sangiovese (30%). Alc.: 13%. Light and bright rosé with a hue reminiscent of peach skin. Clear and well-defined bouquet with intense fruity notes. Remarkable acidity with  a very fruity and strong pleasant finish. Ideal wine for aperitifs and seafood appetisers, first courses of fish, seafood or white meat. 

• Tha Yang Lime with Wild Honey Granita (Lime from Tha Mai Ruak, Tha Yang District)

Arrigoni “Poggio al Vento” Chianti Colli Senesi, DOCG. Grapes: Sangiovese. Alc.: 13.5%. From San Gimignano, Tuscany, our wine offers intense ruby red color and aromas of blackberry, raspberry, and sweet violets. Bold and pleasantly tannic, with hints of almond and vanilla. Excited to promote alongside Café Buongiorno Enzo Peroni Collection with the city's mayor.

Wagyu So Sofitel Hua Hin

• Grilled Wagyu Beef Served with Kaeng Krachan Vegetables, Coconut Milk Rice, and Red Curry (Paco fern from Baan Tham Sua, Kaeng Krachan District in Phetchaburi)

Arrigoni”  Poggio Lungo Morellino Di Scansano, DOCG. Grapes:  85% Sangiovese, 15% of Alicante and Montepulciano Syrah. Alc.: 13.5%. From Maremma area in  Grosseto, this is a truly outstanding wine with its warm aroma, rich fully body and bright ruby red colour.  The scent reminds us of the red fruit especially cherry and berries. Goes well with Risotto, dried red meat, Porchetta, Medium Seasoning Cheeses, Cannelloni, Slices and Sausages, Pasta all’ amatriciana, Cutlet Milanese. 

• Thai Mango Custard with Toddy Palm and Toddy Palm Cake Crumble (Phetchaburi’s signature dessert - Mor Kaeng from Na Pan Sam, Muang District)

Arrigoni “Vin Santo” San Gimignano DOG. Grapes:  Trebbiano & Malvasia of Chianti. Alc.: 17%. This wines comes from San Gimignano Tuscany. The historic centre of San Gimignano is an Etruscan area.  I am planning to talk to the mayor of the city to promote San Gimignano and Cafe Buongiorno Enzo Peroni Collection. The wine has an amber yellow colour. Delicate aroma with characteristic individual traits, rich and fruity, velvety and well balanced. It is excellent with tasty cheese.

The exquisite six-course menu, showcasing the culinary heritage and flavours of Phetchaburi, has been curated as part of the commitment to supporting local communities. This menu highlights Phetchaburi's distinct flavours and is a collaboration between SO Sofitel Hua Hin Hotel, Executive Chef Seng, TAT Phetchaburi, and Mr. Cavaliere Enzo Peroni, CEO of Café Buongiorno Group of Companies. This wonderful culinary journey through Phetchaburi's delectable cuisine will be available at the White Oven Restaurant from April 1, 2024, onwards, offered as both an à la carte and set menu. It aims to offer the unforgettable authentic taste of Phetchaburi and solidify its standing as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy.









Neena M.L.

Neena M.L.