5 Signature Menus That Make Foodies Fall in Love with Otto Italian Restaurant   
13 ส.ค. 2566, 18:15

Indulge in authentic Italian cuisine, fine wines, and romantic views on the 11th floor of MUU Bangkok

Newly-opened lifestyle hotel, MUU Bangkok in the Thonglor district invite food lovers to come and experience the taste of Southern Sicilian cuisine at the hotel’s 'Otto Italian Restaurant,' where the menu is crafted by Chef Jo-Nantapreecha Chamanipa, the Executive Chef with over 15 years of experience in Western cuisine. The restaurant also takes pride in using high-quality ingredients imported from Italy, following the Mediterranean food concept that brings freshness and health benefits to the table.

The word 'Otto' in Italian means 'number 8' which is designed to give a modern touch to the decoration with a playful charm, reflected in the patterns of the dishes and furniture that are charmingly unique. The decor features shades of blue, yellow, and clean white, creating a relaxing and genuine atmosphere. In addition to enjoying authentic Italian cuisine, you can also delight in the breathtaking views on the 11th floor of the MUU Bangkok hotel along with the 5 genuine Sicilian-style signature menus, perfectly paired with sparkling wine or white wine.

Polpo Arrosto (450 baht)

One of the Chef’s Recommended dishes that should not be missed! This dish features a delightful sous-vide-cooked Mediterranean octopus, immersed at 57 degrees Celsius for 1 day to achieve a tender and crispy texture, accompanied by a classic Italian-style Velouté sauce that exudes the fragrant aroma of roasted truffle in every bite. It is highly recommended to enjoy this dish with Sparkling Wine or a chilled glass of white wine for a refreshing and delightful experience, perfect for both lunch and dinner.

Burrata E Prosciutto (450 Baht)

A signature menu that many fall in love with, featuring the imported Italian 'Burrata Cheese' in limited quantities of only 12 pieces per week, making it a special and favorite dish among Italian food lovers including the delicious Prosciutto or "Parma Ham," famous from the city of Parma, Italy, combined with balsamic vinega and olive oil for a soft and creamy texture that blends perfectly with the mild saltiness of Parma ham. This menu is a popular choice and often sold out within a few days. If you don't want to miss out, it is recommended to visit on Tuesdays to savor the original Burrata from happy Italian cows. It brings happiness to food patrons too.

Scampi Alla Griglia (580 Baht)

A menu that combines the essence of Thai flavors with Southern Italian cuisine in a perfect harmony. The highlight is the deep-sea prawns imported from Italy, which are beautiful in color and naturally sweet. They are flovored with the finest white wine sauce that blends perfectly with Mediterranean olive oil, garlic, and lemon to create a harmonious taste. It is recommended to enjoy with white wine or Sparkling Wine for a refreshing feeling, as if you were sitting by the Mediterranean Sea.

Rucola E Salsiccia (340 Baht)

A popular signature salad that stands out with the bitter taste of fresh rocket salad, mixed with organic tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. Seasoned wtih a special house dressing made from a blend of balsamic vinegar, honey, mustard, and olive oil; it creates a light and refreshing taste that perfectly complements the mild and slightly salty flavor of the Italian sausage. It is recommended to enjoy with a glass of white wine or Sparkling Wine for a fresh and delightful experience.

Siciliani Sardine (400 Baht)

A signature menu created by Chef Jo himself to bring a Thai-inspired feeling so that the local food patrons can repeatedly enjoy Italian cuisine. The highlight of this dish is the imported Sicilian 

sardine, marinated in olive oil until tender and flavorful. It perfectly complements the Vongole pasta, which provides a fresh taste that combines well with the slightly salty sardines. The addition of Thai ingredients like chili and garlic adds a spicy kick to the dish. Those who have tried it will fall in love and can only experience it at this restaurant.

Otto Italian Restaurant also serves delicious classic Southern Italian dishes and authentic Italian-style desserts including Tiramisu, Pana Cotta, and Gelato! Since July 2023, the restaurant has added imported Australian beef steak to its menu, and it now offers Thai dishes under the 'Not Italian This Time' section, where you can choose from two dishes: Wagyu tripe and spicy Massaman curry. All of this can be enjoyed while admiring the romantic view of Thonglor from the 11th floor of the MUU Bangkok hotel, every day.

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