Gongkan and Pixel Paint Unveil Groundbreaking Art Project 'Galactic Konquest'
by HappBKK
6 ส.ค. 2566, 19:40

The future of art takes an exhilarating leap forward as Pixel Paint, a leading player in Thailand's NFT market, collaborates with world-renowned Thai artist Gongkan - Kantapon Metheekul, to introduce 'Galactic Konquest.' This visionary digital art project defies conventional boundaries, propelling audiences through black holes to conquer galaxies.

In a remarkable fusion of art and technology, 'Galactic Konquest' unleashes Gongkan's unparalleled creativity onto the canvas and digital realm. The project sets a new course in the NFT market, where members of the media and distinguished guests embarked on an immersive journey, venturing into space, both digitally and physically. The event garnered official support from The Standard Bangkok and Dewar's Blended Scotch Whisky.

Guided by Gongkan's captivating characters, 'Galactic Konquest' unfolds as a sci-fi doomsday story, elevating the NFT market to uncharted territory, presenting an expansive world of art that transcends conventional digital perceptions. NFT emerges as a gateway to explore a universe of artistic expressions beyond the confines of modern art.

Naphat Worawongwasu, Managing Director of Pixel Paint, shared the inspiration behind this groundbreaking project: "Over the past two years, Pixel Paint has meticulously developed this venture, bringing together Gongkan's unique Teleport works. The result is a captivating sci-fi narrative centered around the clandestine agency 'Galactic Konquest,' led by a human Board of Directors collaborating with allies from distant planets. The agency encompasses three departments: 'Exploration' pioneers new planets, 'Innovation' fosters invention and creation, and 'Conquest,' a commando unit, safeguards the Galactic Konquest universe. We invite you to envision a parallel dimension where Earth faces devastation from global warming, necessitating the migration to other planets for survival."

Galactic Konquest represents a groundbreaking blend of digital and physical art, with 222 pieces on canvas from Gongkan's inaugural NFT collection showcased alongside an interactive screen.

Naphat emphasized, "This event is a pure visual art experience, void of any merchandise. We seek to introduce the concept of Galactic Konquest, which deviates from conventional art exhibitions. Our exclusive party brings together diverse guests from various circles - collectors, investors, web3 enthusiasts, fashionistas, celebrities, and artists alike. We hope all attendees embrace art's different facets, understanding that NFT transcends its previous association solely with digital art. This marks the beginning of our transformative journey, aligned with Pixel Paint's roadmap and Gongkan's artistic partnership."

The momentous 'Galactic Konquest' premiere took place on 4 August 2023 at the 3rd-floor meeting room of The Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon. This pioneering venture marks a significant milestone for Thailand's art industry, paving the way for an inspiring array of creative projects in the evolving world of NFT art.



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