Discovering the Art of Narrative at Madi Paidi Bangkok, Thailand's first Autograph Collection Hotel
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2 ก.ย. 2566, 00:57

Madi Paidi Bangkok: where tradition meets modernity in the heart of Bangkok - just a stone's throw away from the vibrant Thong Lor district

In the vibrant heart of Thailand's bustling capital, Bangkok, Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection, has unveiled a design concept that artfully blends the tranquil charm of a residential street with the lively energy of the renowned Thong Lor district.

Autograph Collection Hotels, an integral component of Marriott Bonvoy's esteemed collection of 31 remarkable hotel brands, has debut in Thailand with the grand opening of Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection. This chic and boutique-style hotel seamlessly breathes life into the art of storytelling amidst the bustling locale of Thong Lor, Sukhumvit, an epicenter teeming with culinary delights, cultural experiences, and entertainment extravaganzas.

"Thailand has perennially been an enchanting haven for globetrotters, boasting a mesmerizing culture and a sun-kissed tropical climate. Our maiden foray into Thailand with an Autograph Collection Hotels' establishment finds its home in Bangkok—a city steeped in fascinating narratives and an inimitable sense of elegance—a perfect match for our brand," enthused Jennifer Connell, Global Brand Leader of Autograph Collection Hotels and Vice President overseeing Distinctive Premium Brands at Marriott International.

"Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection aspires to whisk our esteemed guests away on an enthralling voyage deep into the heart and essence of the city, ensuring they leave an indelible mark on their memory—truly an experience like no other."

A Fusion of Styles in Perfect Harmony

The hotel's design draws inspiration from the captivating interplay between the soothing, residential ambiance of its tree-lined avenue and the vivacious spirit of Thong Lor. Its elegant exterior, adorned with timber accents and enveloped by lush foliage, seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, creating a serene oasis within this leafy enclave.

Guests are welcomed into an interior characterized by rich contrasts, where classic aesthetics intersect with contemporary design, and Eastern influences harmonize with Western elements. Throughout their stay, travelers will be enveloped in a multi-sensory experience, immersing them in the realms of art, craftsmanship, culinary delights, and texture forging a profound connection with the neighborhood.

Thai Hospitality at Its Finest "Madi Paidi" 

The street where the hotel is located has a nickname of Paidi Madi (bon voyage, a pleseant arrival) and it has been adopted into the name of the hotel as the Madi Paidi Bangkok. Guests are greeted with the warm embrace of Thai hospitality, epitomized by the tradition of bestowing well-wishes upon their arrival, stay, and departure, symbolizing "ma dee" (a pleasant arrival), "yoo dee" (a pleasant stay), and "pai dee" (bon voyage). The three words are common well-wishes in Thai. The hotel aspires to provide globetrotters with a taste of what it's like to be a modern denizen in this ever-evolving part of the city.

The guestrooms at the Paidi Madi Bangkok is distinctive with a touch of Thai opulence. The 56 guest rooms and suites at Madi Paidi Bangkok are rich in character, each narrating unexpected stories through their art and decor. Room colors take cues from Thailand's precious gemstones: Topaz ("Bud-Sa-Ra-Kum"), Sapphire ("Pai-Lin"), and Emerald ("Mo-Ra-Kot").

These distinct themes are intricately intertwined with auspicious "chalew" woven bamboo symbols, bestowing blessings of good fortune and safe journeys upon every guest. With room sizes ranging from 32 to 56 square meters, guests will find ample space to relax, complete with a comfortable living area featuring a sofa and an array of amenities, including a premium coffee maker, a large LED TV, and a refreshing rain shower. In-room dining is available 24 hours a day.

The union of tradition and modernity extends to EKKALUCK (literary means identity in Thai), the hotel's signature restaurant, where guests are treated to an exceptional culinary experience. Beginning with an elegant daily breakfast, EKKALUCK transforms into a bright, inviting space for light lunches and daytime indulgences. As evening descends and Thong Lor's lights come to life, EKKALUCK evolves into a progressive Thai fine-dining destination. Renowned Executive Chef Wuttisak Wuttiamporn personally curates the finest local and seasonal ingredients, sourcing rare finds from niche suppliers, including small-scale farms and fisheries, to ensure each dish possesses a unique identity and narrative, transporting diners on a gastronomic adventure.

For those seeking personal enrichment, the hotel's rooftop gym and pool offer a respite from the urban heat and a rejuvenating prelude to an exciting night out in Thong Lor.

A Singular Hotel Experience at Prime Location

Roger Parnow, Cluster General Manager of Madi Paidi Bangkok, Autograph Collection, expresses his enthusiasm in introducing guests to this distinctive hotel, promising to narrate the tale of its destination and craft inspiring and eclectic guest experiences. The hotel invites discerning globetrotters to explore the dynamic city of Bangkok, whether they seek a tranquil urban escape or an exhilarating adventure.

Madi Paidi Bangkok resides on Soi Pai Dee Ma Dee (Soi Sukhumvit 53), a picturesque tree-lined residential street running parallel to the vibrant Soi Thong Lor (Soi Sukhumvit 55). The latter is known for its trendy clubs, bars, restaurants, and lifestyle malls. The hotel enjoys proximity to the Thong Lor BTS skytrain station, granting guests easy access to the entire city, including the bustling commercial hub of Sukhumvit. Suvarnabhumi International Airport is just a 30-minute drive away, while Don Mueang International Airport can be reached in a mere 40 minutes.

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