ISSUE Thailand unveils the Pre-Fall 2021 collection 'Safe Safe'and special items
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2 ส.ค. 2564, 15:29

ISSUE collaborates with famous lifestyle brands to convey the inspiration of "Comfort" and "Safety" during COVID time

        ISSUE Thailand, a leading Thai clothing brand, the craftsmanship of design by Roj-Phupawit Krittaphonnara, the creative director and founder of the brand, launching the latest collection, Pre-Fall 2021, under the name “Safe Safe”, conveying the inspiration of “Comfort” and “Safety” from the symbol of nature such as “Marijuana leaf” and new creative patterns, combining fun and bright colors, including revealing the results of collaborations with 3 famous lifestyle brands to the creation of a limited-edition variety of fashion items that perfectly meet the lifestyle and fashion in the New Normal era.

        The COVID-19 pandemic continues to heat up around the world. This creates a lot of tension in today's society, including changing the way of life to a new model that focuses on “Prevention” to be “Safe” from all forms of the virus, and become an important factor in daily life. This is where “Safe Safe” comes from, a welcome collection for ISSUE's Pre-Fall Season, which aims to encourage everyone to go through this crisis together and wish them to be “Safe” every day.


        The Pre-Fall 2021 collection, titled “Safe Safe”, conveys the main concept through bold designs and maintains the ISSUE design identity in every item. In this collection, ISSUE uses the brand's signature printing technique to add to the season's charm by creating a new pattern with the word “Safe Safe” as a greeting that the brand wants to send to the wearer to be “Safe” and the pattern “Marijuana leaf” symbolizing “Comfort”, including butterflies and stripes patterns brought from Mexico chic, combining the use of different colors to make it more vivid and interesting, such as yellow, red and green, reflecting the energy of happiness, fun, and liveliness that perfectly reinforces the ISSUE identity.

        Importantly, it also launched with BOLON SS21 collection of famous eyewear brands from France which continues the concept of “No Limit” inspired by the brightness of the new generation that comes with confidence. It combines the sleek design of the architecture, can answer every shape of the face. It also maintains the lightweight comfort that is unique to BOLON and also has a lens feature that can change color when out in the sun, help enhance every look in ISSUE Thailand's Pre-Fall 2021 collection to be more stylish. For this collection, ISSUE has selected a world-class destination, Rayavadee, a luxury resort located in Krabi, a paradise of relaxation that is quiet, comfortable, and surrounded by nature. It is the place to showcase the most exclusive look of Pre-Fall 2021. In addition, in the Pre-Fall 2021 collection, there is also a special product line which is the result of the collaboration of ISSUE with 3 famous lifestyle brands. To create a variety of limited-edition fashion items that meet the lifestyles of today’s lifestyles, including:


        Siri Issue is an important collaboration event between ISSUE Thailand Roj-Phupawit Krittaphonnara and Sirithai by Cherry-Khemapsorn Sirisukha to jointly deliver the best products for “Protection” for “Safety”, two items that must have at this time, both Aromatic hand spray and Aromatic hand cream, hand sanitizer and cleaning products, ready to nourish the skin that brings the values of nature together Use the extract instead of alcohol to reduce the accumulation of bacteria, yeast, and fungi, while still maintaining the value of a complete skincare regimen. a long-lasting fragrance which is called It is the best product to pass on care to people around you, community, and environment in a sustainable way.

ISSUE x Bag it all

         After the great success last year with the chicest plastic woven bag collection. Collaboration work with local brands like Bag-it-all, with the new collection in the Pre-Fall 2021 season, ISSUE x Bag-it-all has embroidered the “Marijuana leaf” pattern on the bag to convey “Comfort” and retain the message “Issue Thailand”, the identity of this special edition bag, available in minimalist beige, all black, white with green stripes. The bag is made of PP Food Grade woven plastic that is strong, durable, waterproof, rainproof, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly can be reused to reflect sustainability (Sustainability) reinforces the status of a Thai fashion brand that continues to care about the environment and society.

ISSUE x KitoLab

         Popular sandals that ISSUE has collaborated with continuing for the 2nd year with “Kito”, the number one shoe brand in Thailand. In this new collection, ISSUE has created a pair of stylish sandals that comes with every comfort to wear for both men and women with lightweight and the design of the sole that supports the foot can support impact and the weight of the wearer while the bottom sole is designed to hold all surfaces well, indicates the comfort and stability of the journey. It is also designed to have a special height for waterproofing during the rainy season, featuring the embossed ISSUE logo and “Marijuana leaf” embroidery, the symbol of the comfort of the Pre-Fall 2021 collection, it is available in two tones, green and black.

         Safe Safe together with the latest collection of ISSUE Thailand at every store or online shopping via Line Official: ISSUE Thailand and shops in Shopee and Lazada.

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