Private Cellar Edition Inspired by Siamese Fighting Fish
by HappBKK
12 ต.ค. 2563, 10:58

GrandMonte chooses Siamese fighting fish to reflect the depth and beauty of its exclusive wine selection

        Innovative Thai winemakers of GranMonte has introduced the new private wine selection, the Fighting Fish Edition, that comprises four limited edition label.  The Siamese fighting fish, was chosen to reflect the depth and beauty of this exclusive wine selection in the artwork of the specially commissioned wine label by Visarute Angkatavanich, a remarkable Thai Siamese fighting fish photographer.

        Situated in Asoke Valley, in the foothills of breath-taking Khao Yai National Park, GranMonte Vineyard and Winery enjoys the ideal microclimate for growing high-quality grapes in wet, tropical Thailand. Set within a temperate valley, 350 metres above sea level, GranMonte’s sustainable viticulture practices and winemaking techniques have been tailor-made to suit the unique soil and climate conditions of the region to create a wine that is as distinctly Thai as the earth it grows from.

        GranMonte’s oenologist and heir, Nikki Lohitnavy, adds a touch of magic to this collection. Listed in Forbes’ Inaugural 30 Under 30 Asia (2016), Nikki is a trail blazer in the wine world and is also the first and only female winemaker to hail from Thailand. A true experimentalist, Nikki adapts traditional wine-making techniques to further accelerate GranMonte and Thai wines to the highest international quality.  As a result, GranMonte wines are the most decorated wines in Thailand, having won over 100 awards.

        Staying true to Anantara’s traditional Thai roots, one of Thailand’s national animals, the fighting fish, has been skilfully incorporated to the elegant wine label design. Iconic images of the ornamental fish were captured by famed Thai photographer Visarute, and have been revered in global campaigns and exhibitions around the world. Each of the four wines within the collection are thoughtfully paired with a graceful aquatic counterpart to best reflect the characteristics of the wine.   

        The Fighting Fish Private Cellar Edition comprises of two red wines, a white and a rosé.

        The exclusive 2013 Asoke Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah is the first and only Thai Cabernet Sauvignon aged for twelve months in French and American oak puncheons and its eye-catching gold label encapsulates the bold, experimental tasting notes.

        The second red is a popular easy drinking 2018 Spring Syrah Cabernet, made from blended sunshine bathed Syrah and juicy Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, aged in French oak barrels for one year. This label features a deep claret flourish to reflect the mellow flavours and playful bouquet of the wine.

        The 2019 Spring Chenin Blanc, a crisp and zesty white wine that is shaded from the sun and harvested on cool winter nights, is light on the palate with a refreshing finish and is perfect to pair with decadent desserts or creamy cheeses.

        The opulent 2019 Sakuna Rosé, with delicate notes of strawberries, raspberries, pineapple and cream boasts a smooth, sophisticated finish as exemplified by its graceful white label.

        Available by the bottle and glass, each wine perfectly reflects the Thai heritage. A selection of red, white and rosé wine is available in every Anantara Hotel in Thailand as well as many locations throughout Asia.

        For a limited time only, diners at Spice Market restaurant at Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel can sample the complete Fighting Fish Private Cellar Edition paired with a sumptuous five-course meal of traditional Thai dishes, including lhon pla in se fu (crispy mackerel with simmered coconut milk and prawns) paired with Sakuna Rosé; pla kapong neung manow (steamed seabass with chili and lime) paired with Spring Chenin Blanc; ped thord nam prig prow (deep fried roasted duck with chili jam) paired with Spring Syrah Cabernet; gaeng mas sa man nue (braised beef massaman curry with coconut, served with roti) paired with Asoke Cabernet Sauvignon Syrah; and kaow niew mamoung (mango sticky rice and coconut cream) paired with GranMonte Bussaba Natural Sweet Wine.

         This special offer is valid for lunch and dinner daily until 30 November 2020 and costs THB 1,800++ per person, including wine pairing.

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