10 Things We Learned from #Lanlabelle case
by Veen T.
25 ก.ย. 2562, 20:42

        Many people are probably talking about  “Lalabelle”, the “murder” case that has shaken the whole society. Learning about the news, many find it hard to erase the picture of a victim’s stiff body being dragged in their minds.

I’ve been following the news for a couple of days and the followings are my two cents on the “Lanlabelle” case.

  1.  I found a brief tweet on a mysterious death of a “Pretty”.  Normally, I don’t like following this kind of news as it will depress me. This time I felt it was interesting and I followed the thread and went through FB thread of “Nam Aun” (the suspect) and very first thought was like .. the guy is good looking yet what he posts is a different story.
  2. The suspect’s FB posts reflect the reality of society which is rather stone-age in my opinion- having sexes with women and boasting about it to friends. This is so contrast to our claim that the country is a so-called 4.0 era. Really? Posting the unconscious “pretty” with caption “the 100th Wife” on his LINE group chat isn’t cool. How about the members of the group? Are they all predators and believe women are their preys?
  3.  Those chat members may have the same behavior of having sex like a coward. If you have to drug a person into getting laid, you’re a coward. The group may consist of the like-minded people and love this kind of activities. The chat was lively even though when the Pretty victim showed bad signs. Her conditions obviously showed that she could die. Toward the end of the chat, many members left the group chat which clearly underlined the fact that the members could smell troubles.
  4. Reading the group chat in the news made me recall scenes in “The Accused” in which a protagonist was brutally raped by a gang in a bar. In the movie, not only perpetrators but those encouraging and cheering the attack were brought to justice. So, in this case whether the chat members are the same as those cheering and encouraging the suspect? I’m not sure on the legal aspect but would be glad to learn from an expert. If Nam Aun is proven guilty, whether the owner of the house that hosts the party would be brought before the law?
  5.  As for the house which often hosts parties that hire “Pretty” women or “N” (abbreviation of Entertain) staff, should police launch a thorough investigation? From the autopsy, the doctor said that the victim’s death was about 8-12 hours before her body arrived at 3am. So, the possible time of death could be any time between of 3pm to 7pm. That means she could die at the party house, in the suspect’s car or at the suspect’s condominium.  With so many possibilities of drug and alcohol abuses involved, police may have to seriously look into the party house too.
  6.  I’m not optimist and see the world in pink. And I do acknowledge that there are such things like exhibitionists or group sex activities. Whether we like it or not, things like swinging party exist in the society. As long as the people in those activities give their consent, it is their things. But employing N staff and intentionally and making them drunk or unconscious to take advantages of them sexually is inhuman and very cowardice.
  7.  To make things worse, some people blamed it on the victim. This is so sad especially when women joined the band wagon on victim blaming. Some said: “so what…she wasn’t a virgin” while others said that she took this job so she should have known about the risks. C’mon people, working as a “N” or pretty doesn’t mean an invitation to sexually assault or violation. There is no such thing as a visa or a permission for rape or violation no matter how a person dresses or how she earns a living.
  8. People also commented on social media about the victim’s work and asked why her boyfriend allowed her to do such a work. Fact is: no man in the world would want his girlfriend to go and mix drinks and entertain other, let alone having sex. But we can’t judge people for the choices they make when you don’t know the options they had. I was heartbroken to learn that she cancelled an appointment with her best friend and went to work for Bt3,500. It was a day time work, she told a friend. Her plan was to go celebrate her birthday with her loved ones. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it.
  9. Remarks by parents of the suspect’s interview led to criticism. They were quoted as saying that they  raised him well and he is a good person. I’ve heard the same things before. Every time a technical collage brawl happened, every parent would say their kids were good people and they just mingled with bad kids. Question is how much parents know about their children's lives nowadays. Even on social media, it is so common that no one would let their parents in the friend or follower list.
  10.  When I worked with a newspaper, I wrote many opinion piece on raising a child. My stance is unchanged that it is an arduous task – perhaps the most difficult of all. Raising a boy and a girl is equally tough. If you have a boy, first you have to teach him to respect woman. This is as important as teaching a girl to know how to protect herself. The parents’ task never ends but I recommend all to keep up pace with the fast-changing society. Please just don’t look at a bright side of the society and give your children immunity. Each of them will have to face many things in society that may be cruel and the best parents can do is to teach them to safeguard themselves and always be precaution.

        Last but not least, we must not forget that the case is still under investigation and as we speak, Nam Aun is still a suspect . The time of her death awaits many evidences to unfold things. There may be twists and turns in this case. Nam Aun is not a murder yet until he is proven guilty in court. However, the case of LalaBelle that we’ve witnessed through mainstream and social media is an eye-opening and we should ask ourselves what have we learned from this case?

Veen T.

Veen T.

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